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What is rss2imap?

rss2imap is a tool which gets RSS (RDF Site Summary) from web and delivers to the IMAP server as an e-mail message.

rss2imap enables you to use IMAP supported MUA as a RSS reader and to use IMAP functionality effectively such as unread mail management. You can choose mail format, either text/plain or text/html.

if you are tired of maintaining rss with more than one distributed client and DISLIKE web interface like google reader or bloglines, this software may be for you. rss2imap is an easy to use, preferable software for those who maintain imap server.

By reading Screenshot page, you can know how rss2imap works.

Main Features


Before download, please read Download page. It also describes anonymous CVS guide.
After download, let's use it with reading Documentation. Enjoy!


The detailed description about installation and configuration is in Documentation page.

Bug Report, Feature Request

If you found odd behavior in executing rss2imap, please submit bug report after reading Bug report, attention page.

Please submit feature request to Feature Requst Tracker. i appreciate any trivial suggestion.


The plan of changes(improvements) to the current latest version.

Similar Project

Projects which forked from rss2imap, or similar to this.

There are many projects which maintain RSS via Gmail, but i dislike web interface like gmail, bloglines, so i continue to hack rss2imap to make me happy in my preferred environment(IMAP).


I(mumumu) succeeded to rss2imap source code from the original author Taku Kudo on September 19th 2005, and maintain it in sourceforge.net. I am VERY grateful for him.

Daemonized code is taken referenced to asamasid written by Satoru Takabayashi.

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